The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Getting Started Checklist   
Online Help
Open the online help. TIP: Use the online search tool to find what you're looking for.
Technical Support Open the Technical Support contact page on our website. 
Tutorials Open the Learning Center page of our website where you can find videos and documentation.
Check for Updates Search the StudioPlus website for any available software updates and initiate the update process. See also: Updates and Upgrades
Register Product [Spectra only] Register your product code when you purchase the software from a trial or when you purchase an upgrade. 
View Logged In Users See which users are currently logged into the software and which computer they're logged in on.
Email a Suggestion Open a new email to us that includes your studio information, software version, and name of the logged in user. We love to hear your detailed suggestions! Most software enhancements are the direct result of client feature requests!
Email Tech Support Open a new email to tech support that includes your studio information, software version, name of the logged in user, and your AMP expire date.
Chat with Support Launch your default browser with a window to start a live chat session with StudioPlus tech support. See Contact Technical Support on our website for support hours.
Request Remote Assistance Use only when directed by your technical support representative. This choice will open your default browser to a web page where you can enter your company name and a number key supplied by technical support. After the software launches, your support tech will be able to view the screen of your computer to literally put us "on the same page." The support tech can also take control of the mouse for further assistance. Don't worry, they can only do this with your consent while you are sitting at the computer!
Customer Feedback Options Leave feedback for us to learn from!
About The "About" screen displays information about the currently installed edition and version of Spectra/myStratus Desktop. You'll also see StudioPlus contact information. Spectra users will also see their user license, AMP expire date, original product code, customer number, and the location of the database currently in use. When working with technical support, they will often ask you to verify this information.

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