The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Hub Overview

The Spectra/myStratus Desktop hubs are the main work areas you'll use to run your business, from your calendar and client list, to your digital workflow, invoices, calls, messages, production orders, and tasks. Here are some tips you may find helpful as you learn to use the hubs:

Hub Basics

  • The hub menu at the top of your screen is how you move from hub to hub, kind of like tabs in a browser.

  • Moving to another hub doesn't close the hub you've been using - all the information remains as you left it.

  • The CalendarWorkflow, and Dashboard hubs are unique in their design and function, but the remaining hubs (ClientsSessionsInvoicesCallsMessages, Production, and Tasks) are very similar to one another, providing you with lists of records you can sort, export, customize, and so on.

  • Double-clicking any entry in a list will open the associated record.

Hub Ribbon

The ribbon pictured below is an example of a hub ribbon. Although the tools will vary based on the hub, the ribbons will be similar throughout the software. Some of the basic tools are described below.

File Group

  • Print a list by clicking Print on the ribbon. Most hubs will print as displayed or give you a few options to get the output you're looking for.

  • Click Export to Excel on the ribbon to easily export the displayed records.

  • Delete multiple records by using the Shift-click or Control-click method to select the records before clicking Delete on ribbon. Note: You will receive a warning that any related records will also be deleted.

Search Group

Customize Group

See also: Customizing the Hubs

Options Group

Advance the status of multiple records by first selecting the records and then clicking Advance Status on the ribbon.

New Group

Quickly create a new record using the options in the New group of the ribbon.

For a detailed look at a specific hub, following these links:


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