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Setting up Users

Watch the following video or refer to the instructions below to set up your Stratus user accounts.

Creating or Modifying a User

  1. Go to Maintenance > General > Users to open your list of users. 

  2. Click New on the ribbon to add a new user. Or, click Edit in the Details column to modify an existing user.

  3. General Tab - Complete any or all of the following sections:
    • User Profile - First name, last name, and display name are required. The other fields are optional.

    • User Type - The user can be made available as a choice on many different drop-down lists in Stratus (i.e., when booking a session or creating an invoice). Note: When the user is selected as a photographer or assistant on a session, Stratus will automatically add the session to their personal schedule.

    • Options - Mark Show User on Calendar to display the user's schedule on your Stratus calendar. Check the Auto-Select option to make sure the user's schedule is automatically open when viewing the calendar. See also: Adding Users to the Calendar

    • Commissions - Select the appropriate commission settings for the user. Note: This feature is not available in Stratus Express.

    • Photo - Upload an employee photo.

  4. Account Tab - This tab is for the user's login credentials. Enter the initials they will use when logging in to Stratus. You can also assign a password or require the user to reset it.

  5. Employment Tab - This tab holds an assortment of fields that can be used as needed, such as employee number, address, phone number, status, emergency contact, and others.

  6. Departments Tab - Assign the user to one or more departments, depending on their responsibilities in your business. Various items in Stratus (tasks, phone calls, emails, etc.) can be assigned to a department. See also: Setting up Departments

  7. Google Tab - Each user can sync their personal schedule with a Google calendar. Use this tab to set up Google syncing for this user. See Google Syncing for details.

  8. Email Tab

  9. Click OK to save the user.

Managing the User List

  1. Go to Maintenance > General > Users to open your list of users.

  2. The following editing options are available, either on the ribbon or directly from the grid:

    • Add a User - Click New on the ribbon to open the detailed user form, or just type their name in the first row. If you want to add a user at a specific spot in the list, use the Insert tool. Note: Your security settings may limit access to the detailed user form to administrators only.

    • Modify a User - Edit the columns shown or click Edit in the Details column to open the detailed user form. Note: Your security settings may limit access to the detailed user form to administrators only.

    • Delete a User - Highlight the user and click Delete on the ribbon.

    • Change the Order - Highlight a user and use the Move Up and Move Down tools on the ribbon.

    • Make a User Inactive - Check the Inactive box to hide a user and deactivate their login credentials.  

  3. You may also want to:

    • Hide Inactive User - Click Hide Inactive on the ribbon to hide (or reveal) any inactive users.

    • Print the List - Click Print on the ribbon to generate a printed report of users.

    • Export the List to Excel - Click Export to Excel to export an Excel file that you can download.  

  4. Close the window when finished.

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