2019 Enhancements – Payment Plans & Web Forms Enhancement

Our Web Form & Payment Plan capabilities are some of the most dynamic features available in myStratus. We’re bringing these powerhouses together in the 2019 version by introducing Invoice-based Web Forms!

Now, your web forms can pull information directly from an invoice for your clients to view and edit online. As an example, you can create a contract for whenever a client decides to use a payment plan. They’ll be able to view the details of the plan and given an e-signature online stating they agree to your terms.

Bringing this a step further, we’ve added a new setting in the Company Preferences – Invoicing tab where you can choose to have the software automatically create this web form and email or text it to a client when they have a payment plan created on their account.

Just a side note, this feature works very well with the new Online Payments!

Click here to learn more about Web forms
Click here to learn more about Payment Plans

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2019 Enhancements – myStratus Maps

Today’s new feature gives you a snapshot of the physical location of your customer base. This is a new service we’re making available as an add-on to myStratus Users. myStratus Maps are a powerful way to look at the geographic location of your clients from any hub in the software. We’ve partnered with Bing Maps to make this add-on possible.

Here’s the three map versions available:

Heat Map: When you pull up a list of clients, you can view this map to see where a concentration of the clients are located.

Heat Map

Pin by Address: View this map to see the addresses for the selected set of clients on the map.

Heat Map

Pin by Zip Code: View this map to see how many of the selected set of clients belong in each zip code and where they’re located.

Heat Map

During the Preview of myStratus 2019, the myStratus Maps feature is provided free of charge. After GA, an additional fee will be required to use myStratus Maps.

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2019 Enhancements – Online Booking Enhancements

Online booking can be key to expanding your business opportunities. Each year we try to introduce new enhancements to our online booking portal to keep up with the current needs affecting your business. Here are some of the new features we’ve brought to online booking this year:

Online Promotions

The ability to let clients use promotion codes is now here! All you need to do is build your promotions in your Price List and clients can enter the Item Identifier (or Promo Code) online.

Individual Session Type Booking Links

A new link option is available to send your clients past the Session Selection screen on Online Booking and straight to your time slots.

If you’re looking for more control over how your session types display online, you can build your own web page for each Session Type that’s available and use the new Session Type Link in your “Book Now” Button. This feature allows you to build custom pages for every Session Type, include sample images, or include special information regarding the Session Type before they book.

Previous Enhancements

I also want to take this opportunity to remind you of previous features that we’ve built into our online booking portal making it, what we feel, is the most comprehensive, customizable, and integrated solution available for you today.

  • iFrame capabilities to embed the Online Booking Portal directly into your website.
  • 15 customizable properties to make the Online Booking Portal match your website’s color, font, and button styles.
  • The ability to let either new or pre-existing clients book their Sessions and Appointments online – plus being able to turn off the feature for new clients to book online if you want greater control.
  • The ability to book either Sessions or Appointments online.
  • The ability to create scheduling timeslots so you have complete control over when your clients book, the User or Resource the Session or Appointment should be scheduled for, the type of Session or Appointment allowed, and even the Organization or School the Session is linked to.
  • The ability to bulk create or copy a group of timeslots at once and also the ability to have timeslots auto created for you every week.
  • The ability to require payments or deposits during the booking process.
  • The ability to auto trigger a customized text or email confirmation.
  • The ability to allow your client to reschedule or cancel sessions if you so choose.
  • The ability to give schools/Organizations their own booking preferences with direct links to auto-login clients associated with the Organization.
  • Direct and real-time integration with myStratus to auto create all the necessary client, session, appointment, invoice, and payment records.
  • Mobile responsive design so the Online Booking Portal works great from any small form device, such as a phone or tablet.
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2019 Enhancements – Online Payments

The most requested feature over this past year has by far been an online payment portal where your clients can pay for invoices, payment plans, and even update their credit card info – all from their own device. I’m excited to share that this feature is officially here! You can even hook this feature up to automatic emailing/texting with triggers!

Two new merge fields have been added that will send your clients to their own payment portal.

  • The ClientOnlinePayURL merge field will send your clients to the whole portal where they can pay for any of their invoices that have an outstanding balance or update any saved credit cards.
  • The InvoiceOnlinePayURL will send your clients straight to a specific invoice where they can pay the outstanding balance.
  • The PaymentOnlinePayURL will send your clients straight to a pending payment where they can pay the record’s total. This link goes great with Payment Plans.

We’ve even built these emails for you in myStratus – look for them in your HTML email builder with the title SAMPLE – Online Invoice Portal and SAMPLE – Online Payment Portal.

To send this email to your clients, there’s an additional setting in the Company Preferences where you can define the default email you want sent to clients so they can access the portal.

Because we wanted to make this feature as easy to use as possible, we’ve added new buttons on the Client, Invoice, and Payment Ribbons to email clients their online link.

We’re also excited to start using this feature here at StudioPlus – allowing YOU to view your outstanding invoices and update payment methods whenever necessary. No more needing to contact Customer Service! Keep your eye out for that change coming soon!

Click here to learn more about Online Payments. Note: This feature is only available to clients with a TSYS account in the U.S.

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2019 Enhancements – Net Promoter Scores

Ever received a 1-10 scoring scale like this from a business you’ve recently patronaged? “How likely are you to recommend our service to a friend or colleague?”

The number you select during this survey is called a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Net Promoter scores are the latest “Hot Topic” in the business world. Experts today have deemed this as the single-most important question you can ask clients to gauge your business’ success. The feedback provided after selecting a rating provides the gateway for you to see what your business does well and where you could use improvement, and because NPS is a leading indicator of your future growth, you’ll quickly find it to be one of the most valuable tools in myStratus!!

The number selected with this critical question shows businesses whether the client is a Detractor, Passive, or a Promoter.

Let’s take a moment to define the difference between a Detractor, a Passive, and a Promoter:

Detractor – If a client scores 0-6 on their Net Promoter survey, they’re considered a Detractor to your business. Something was perceived to go wrong along the way and these clients probably don’t plan to work with you in the future. They may even try to prevent others from working with you. For example, they may give you a bad review, not refer others to you, and definitely not give you any repeat business.

Passive – If a client scores a 7 or 8 on their Net Promoter survey, they’re considered a Passive to your business. They appreciate your business but aren’t necessarily going to spread the word of your products/services.

Promoter – If a client scores 9 or 10 on their Net Promoter survey, they’re considered a Promoter of your business. These clients are enthusiastic about your brand and will continue to use your services and promote you to others. These are the clients most likely to give you a positive review online, to refer others to you, and to give you repeat business down the road.

To determine your overall NPS rating, take the total percentage of Detractors and subtract it from the total percentage of Promoters. This difference tells you your overall performance with clients. It also helps you determine which clients are going to stay loyal to your brand, and which clients need extra care and attention. The highest score you can receive is 100 (100% Promoters), and the lowest number is -100 (100% Detractors).

These numbers are key indicators to how your business is performing in terms of your customers’ opinion of your service and products. In the 2019 version of myStratus, we’ve given you the ability to include this survey in your HTML emails, which can be automatically sent to your client via a trigger after they complete a session, after they receive their order, or any other customized triggered event.

Upon receiving the survey, your client can rate how they felt about their last visit. After they pick a number, they’ll be re-directed online where they can enter any additional comments explaining the reason for their rating. We’ve even built this email for you in myStratus – look for it in your HTML email builder with the title SAMPLE – Net Promoter Score.

All this information will then be automatically placed onto your client’s record for you to review. Session and Invoice records will display the NPS rating for that particular visit and the Client record will display the client’s average NPS rating from all records. To view the overall data for your studio, we’ve also added a new Dashboard report type for Clients Net Promoter Data.

And don’t be surprised if you spot an email from us asking you this very important question!

Click here to read more about Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

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Preview Release of myStratus and Spectra 2019!

Today, we are officially announcing the Preview Release of myStratus 2019 and Spectra 2019. This release contains new features our team’s been developing, testing, and documenting. I can’t wait for you to see the results of their hard work!

What’s new in 2019?

myStratus Users have a lot of exciting and unique features coming their way this year!

  • First, we have a brand-new online payment portal so YOUR clients can pay for orders from the convenience of their own device.
  • Next, we have a special “Net Promoter Score” survey built into myStratus – which is one of the best indicators as to how satisfied your clients are and is also one of the best predictors on how well your business is going to perform in the near future.
  • The myStratus mobile app also features the new ability to process credit cards directly within the app – thanks to our integration with TSYS and their Genius Mini device.
  • A new add-on service is also available called StudioPlus Maps – giving you the capability in myStratus to see where your client base is actually located.
  • Plus, Online Booking has received a few new goodies as well – continuing to make it the best most integrated and customizable solution to allow your clients to book, reschedule, or cancel their sessions or appointments online!

We’ve also changed how Marketing is approached in both myStratus and Spectra. Now, instead of seeing clients as “Do Not Market”, we’ve switched things up to display “Allow Text Marketing”, “Allow Email Marketing”, and “Allow Call Marketing”, giving you and your clients greater control over their marketing preferences.

The above list just scratches the surface. You’ll also see numerous other new enhancements, many of which came direct from you, via the StudioPlus User Voice, where clients can submit suggestions for new features, and other clients can vote to help us decide which feature requests are most in demand.

In the coming two weeks, we’ll be making a series of blog posts highlighting these new enhancements and how you can use these features to grow your business. Stay tuned!

We are now in the process of completing documentation and training materials. Upon completion, we’ll make myStratus 2019 and Spectra 2019 Generally Available (GA) to all. In the meantime, if you’d like to install the Preview Release of the new 2019 Version, here are instructions:


Click here to read the “What’s New in 2019”

Click here to read the detailed Release Notes for 2019 Volume 1 Service Release 1

StudioPlus Spectra Users

Click Help > About to make sure your AMP date is January 2019 or greater. If not, please email a screenshot to Support@StudioPlusSoftware.com.

Click here to download Spectra 2019 and install on all workstations

StudioPlus myStratus Users

Send an email to Support@StudioPlusSoftware.com to request your upgrade to 2019. They will coordinate the date and time for your upgrade. At that time, you’ll automatically be prompted to download your new myStratus Desktop for 2019.

We hope you love what’s new in 2019, and we’re always very interested in hearing from you. Your input matters in making ours the software that best suits YOUR needs to run a successful and expanding business. If you have a suggestion for a future enhancement, please click here to add it to the StudioPlus User Voice. Or, if you find that someone else has already made that suggestion, then simply vote it up! The more votes, the greater the chance we will implement that enhancement in a future update.

If you have any problems with the new 2019 Version, please call or email us at Support@StudioPlusSoftware.com. We would love to assist you.

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Holiday Video

I now have a lot of empathy for those of you that get to photograph children!!!  I hope you enjoy this little (one-take) video message to celebrate the holidays!

Click picture to watch!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!!!!

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Global Payments Credit Card Processing – Europe and Canada

It’s officially here! With the release of Service Release 4, we’re also excited to announce the introduction of a new Credit Card processing integration with Global Payments – available in Europe and Canada!

The ability to process credit cards is essential to all businesses. Powered by Global Payments, users in Europe and Canada can now process credit cards directly within Spectra/myStratus. While taking payments in InspiredByYou.com is coming soon, you can use this new integration with automatic payment plans and even take a deposit from clients in your Online Booking portal.

This powerful feature should save you countless time and money by streamlining your payment workflow within Spectra/myStratus!

This feature is currently available as a Preview.

Click here to get started setting up your account.

Want to see the integration in action? Click here to watch a training video.

Located in the United States, Australia, or New Zealand? Your credit card processing integrations are already available! Click here to see what company we are integrated with in your country.

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Spectra 2018 and myStratus 2018 General Availability

Today I’m thrilled to announce that both Spectra 2018 and myStratus 2018 are available for general release!

As the CEO of StudioPlus Software, I want to publicly applaud the tireless efforts by my staff to deliver this new update. Creating a major update every year, from development to testing to documentation to video creation to delivery, is a time-consuming, detailed and difficult task. These updates require our staff to go way above and beyond what is normally required. Without this great team, we would not be able to deliver such great features to you. So, “Thanks, team!!”

All Spectra users with a current maintenance plan can upgrade today. All myStratus subscribers will automatically be upgraded during the next two weeks. If you are a myStratus subscriber, we’ll send you an email with the date of your automatic upgrade. You can let us know if the date doesn’t work for you and we’ll change it.

Get started by reading the Release Notes to learn about all the great new features as well as some important items that have changed in the software. Remember, if you have a suggestion for a new feature, please visit our User Voice page here, where you can cast your vote on other people’s suggestions or add one of your own!

Spectra users – Click here to start your Spectra 2018 download!

myStratus subscribers – Keep an eye on your email for the date of your upgrade!

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Celebrating 20 Years!

On March 2nd, 1998, the day after my daughter Marissa was born, we introduced StudioPlus Version 1.0 to the world at a small trade show in Iowa! Not only will we be celebrating my baby girl’s 20th birthday next week, but we’ll also be celebrating the 20th anniversary of StudioPlus. Time has passed so fast and both the software and my daughter have grown up!

Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen thousands of clients in over 100 countries choose our software to help grow their business. To this day, I’m humbled that a small business owner or large corporation would place their trust in our company, selecting our product as the platform on which to build their business.

Statistics show more than 80% of small business start-ups fail within the first 5 years. Even more discouraging, more than 80% of those remaining fail during the next 5 years! For those that remain, it’s a journey filled with daily struggles to just survive. The average small business owner is discouraged by the amount of time that their small business is ever-consuming from personal and family lives. Stressed by the disorganization that often envelopes small businesses. Fearful their dream of running a successful business may come to an end, they wrestle with a sense of failure that their plans for running a successful business have not materialized in the way they once imagined.

I understand these struggles, because I’ve gone through all of them myself over the past 23 years as a small business owner. And that’s why our company mission is NOT to sell products and services to clients like you. Instead, our mission is to help every client succeed in building a healthy, thriving, and profitable business, whether small or large.

Our company is not perfect, nor are our products. Occasionally, someone even finds a bug in one of our products!!! I wish I could promise perfection in our service and promise defect-free products, but I can’t. However, I can promise the following:

Customer Focus – Our customers are the foundation of our business. We are driven by one relentless pursuit: Helping each of our customers build a successful business. It’s our goal to serve with excellence, and to treat everyone with the same diligence, courtesy, and respect we desire for ourselves.

Constant Innovation – As a technology company, we recognize that greatness today becomes obsolete tomorrow. In today’s changing world, continuous, creative, outside-of-the-box product development is key to ensuring our customers’ ongoing success.

Highest Quality – We are committed to excellence in the products and services we provide. We continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by setting the highest possible standards, measuring our progress, and holding ourselves accountable for any shortcomings.

Utmost Integrity – If our customers are the foundation of our business, then integrity is the cornerstone. Everything we do is guided by what is right. We live by the highest ethical standards, treating our clients, partners, competitors, and coworkers with fairness, honesty, and respect. Regardless of the outcome of our business, we WILL remain positive influencers in our world.

As we rapidly approach the General Availability (GA) of both Spectra 2018 and myStratus 2018, I wanted to take this opportunity to pause and personally acknowledge with gratitude each of you for placing your trust in our company over the past 20 years. We’ve been truly blessed by the best clients in the world, so “Thank you”!

Stay tuned for the general release announcement of Spectra 2018 and myStratus 2018 in the coming days!!!

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