PhotoOne – End of Support is Coming

*Note: This Blog post is only in reference to those using PhotoOne software. myStratus and Spectra continue to be supported softwares of StudioPlus.

As of 1/1/2020, PhotoOne will no longer be a supported software of StudioPlus. This means any recurring Maintenance Plan or DataSafe you currently have will cease to run, and you will not be able to obtain any support – including emergency and system down support. If PhotoOne becomes unavailable (e.g. Fm2 File Corrupt, Halt Disk Error, or trying to move the data), our staff will not be able to provide any assistance.

We’re notifying all PhotoOne clients now to ensure you have enough time to switch to a new software if you choose.

What does this mean for you?

We don’t have a magic switch that will turn off your use of PhotoOne. If you have not changed your software by 1/1/2020, your database will still be accessible and continue to operate. However, all Maintenance Plans, DataSafe, and Technical Support from StudioPlus will cease to be available after this date. Our staff will no longer be able to provide any PhotoOne support – paid or unpaid.

If you would like to switch to one of our other products (myStratus or Spectra) after the 1/1/2020 date, please be advised that the ability to convert your current database will no longer be available as well.

How can you prepare for the end?

Over the course of the next few months, consider how you want your business to move forward.

If you’d like to stay with StudioPlus, we offer two great business management solutions called myStratus and Spectra. Click here to learn more about each software. To help make the switch as easy as possible, we’d like to offer you a free conversion* to either solution, so all your client information will carry over to the new system. Both myStratus and Spectra are similar to PhotoOne, so the transition should be a comfortable one.

If you have questions about which solution will be the best move for your business or want to discuss how your database will be converted, contact us at


Unfortunately, all software programs eventually reach the end of their life expectancy. Operating systems require updates, security gets tighter and tighter, and other general updates occur. That means more and more parts of the PhotoOne software will stop working as time progresses. Even worse, you may come in one day after a Windows Update and PhotoOne doesn’t work at all!

Take some time prior to 1/1/2020 to consider your best business management option moving forward. And please feel free to reach out to our Support and Sales teams while you make this decision. We value you as a longstanding customer and want you to know we’re here to help!

We’ve been proud to support the product for the last 10 years and we sincerely hope each of you will stay as StudioPlus customers so we may continue to serve you!

*Free Conversion Terms: Conversion must take place before 1/1/2020. Free Conversion applies to Standard and Professional versions of myStratus & Spectra only. myStratus Express and Spectra Express do not count for this promotion. If you wish to convert to the Express version, the cost to convert is $245.

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2019 myStratus Mobile App Released

This release includes a new Credit Card option powered by TSYS (Formerly Cayan) and their Genius Mini Device – allowing you to take credit card payments and deposits ALL from your mobile device! Any payment or customer deposit created from the myStratus mobile app will automatically sync back to your myStratus database immediately.

If your device is set up for auto updates, the app should update on its own. If you do not have auto updates set up, visit your app store and check your Updates panel to update the app.

Click here to read how to set up the Credit Card Processing Feature.

Note: This new feature is only available to TSYS users in the U.S. Click here to get a free, no obligation quote from TSYS.

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myStratus 2019 and Spectra 2019 General Availability

Both myStratus 2019 and Spectra 2019 are now available for general release!

Our StudioPlus team’s been working hard over the past several months to deliver this major update. From development to testing, documentation to editing, and feedback to delivery, each staff member has played a key role in producing a product we are proud to release to our clients! Without their hard work, we wouldn’t be able to deliver these industry-changing features every year. So I’m taking the opportunity to publicly acknowledge their contribution and say, “Thanks, team!!”

All Spectra users with a current maintenance plan can upgrade today. All myStratus subscribers will automatically be upgraded during the next two weeks. If you are a myStratus subscriber, we’ll send you an email with the date of your automatic upgrade. Feel free to let us know if the proposed date doesn’t work for your business and we’ll change it.

Get started by reading the Release Notes to discover the great new features as well as some important items that have changed in the software.

Remember, if you have a suggestion for a new feature, please visit our User Voice page here, and cast your vote on other people’s suggestions or add one of your own!

Spectra users – Click here to start your Spectra 2019 download and view upgrading instructions!

myStratus subscribers – Keep an eye on your email for the date of your upgrade!

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2019 Enhancements – Additional Goodies

Over the past several days, I’ve been privileged to describe our latest 2019 features, and today I’m sharing some “Additional Goodies” in the latest release. These features may not warrant their own dedicated blog post but we believe they’re still just as exciting!

Here’s what’s new:

Best Promotion Calculator – A new calculator option is available on all invoices. When activated, the system will automatically check all listed Promotional items on an invoice and will only apply the one Promotional item that gives the best deal for the client.

Calendar Performance – Changes have been made behind the scenes to improve Calendar performance for myStratus.

Cayan Credit Card processing – With TSYS’s recent acquisition of Cayan, Spectra/myStratus have been updated to display the new TSYS branding instead of Cayan.

Client records – The Invoice tab of Client records will now display a green dot if all your client’s invoices are paid in full.

Image Detail – A new option is available in the Company Preferences to not print individual images on the Image Detail if they’re only being used in a Composite.

Search By Options – The Search By feature in the Clients Hub is now able to search via Lead Source.

Dashboard – Session and Appointment based Data Types in the Dashboard provides the option to Group By “Hour of Day”.

Invoice Labels – A new Client Labels pop-up menu for Session, Bill-to, and Shipping labels is included in Invoice records.

Time SlotsUser and Resource columns now visible in Time Slot maintenance form.

Client Import Wizard – A new ability to Update Existing Client Records based on Main Phone Number in Client Import Wizard.

Client Birthdays – 12 new Filters have been automatically added to create a list of client’s birthdays for each month.

Price List Items – Replaceable Price List Items grant the ability to require an item be replaced.

Auto Capitalization – A new setting in the Company Preferences lets you disable the software’s automatic capitalization feature. To bypass the auto capitalization, a hover-over detail has also been added to all client records.

Today’s SnapshotLYTD (Last Year-To-Date) data has been added to Today’s Snapshot tile on Home page. LYTD means Last Year-to-date, which allows you to get an immediate comparison how you are doing this Year-to-date versus last year for the same period.

Notes – All Notes tabs give you the ability to change font style and size.

Advanced Search – New ability to search by ALL client Phone Numbers at once in the Advanced Search form.

Global Payments – Additional compliance in Global Payments integration for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in Europe.

Time Stamps – Now set Time Stamps to follow a global internet time instead of the computer’s local time at Company Preferences > Miscellaneous tab. Using this feature bypasses the local computer clock, which can be different from computer to computer, and uses a centralized Internet-based clock so all time-stamps are consistent and accurate. Using this feature, also prevents a user from manually changing their computer time to fraudulently stamping in an inaccurate timestamp in the notes.

Many of the new features added in the 2019 Version came directly from our StudioPlus User Voice page. Please, continue to use this page to submit new feature requests that you’d appreciate being added to an upcoming release, or simply cast your vote for someone else’s suggestion. The more votes a suggestion receives, the more likely it will show up in a future release. Help customize both StudioPlus Spectra and myStratus for years to come!!

Click here to visit the StudioPlus User Voice

Click here for the complete list of What’s New in 2019 Volume 1

Click here for the complete Release Notes for 2019 Volume 1

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2019 Enhancements – Mobile App Credit Card Processing

When we announced the 2018 version of Spectra & myStratus last year, one of the features introduced was an integration with Cayan’s (now TSYS’s) Genius Mini device. This powerful little device allows you to take credit card payments from your mobile device. We shared then that we planned to integrate the Mini Device with our myStratus Mobile App in the near future. That time is now!

Our myStratus Mobile app is now compatible with the Genius Mini device – allowing you to take credit card payments and deposits ALL from your mobile device. Any payment or customer deposit created from the myStratus mobile app will automatically sync back to your myStratus database immediately.

Please Note: The myStratus Mobile App is still in Beta Testing at this time. If you would like early access to this feature, please contact Technical Support.

Click here to learn more about Credit Card Processing with myStratus Mobile.

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2019 Enhancements – Gift Certificate Enhancements

Gift Certificates can help generate both new clients and good will with existing clients. We’re offering some new enhancements to the Gift Certificate feature this year, including the capability to generate a completely random number to a newly created gift certificate – on top of its past ability to assign a sequential number.

Plus, there’s a new setting to automatically send an email to the client when they initially pay for their Gift Certificate. This email can include all necessary information including the certificate’s number and expiration date. We’ve even built this email for you in myStratus – look for it in your HTML email builder with the title SAMPLE – Gift Certificates.

Click here to learn more about Gift Certificates.

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2019 Enhancements – Client Marketing Checkboxes

Privacy laws continue to become more complex. We’re therefore updating our terminology for those clients who want to receive marketing content. The software now displays “Allow Marketing” rather than “Do Not Market”.

We’ve also split the checkbox into three parts: “Allow Call Marketing”, “Allow Text Marketing”, and “Allow Email Marketing”.

While it may seem like a small flip in terminology, this is a BIG change in the software. In the 2019 upgrade, we’ve made sure all your pre-existing marketing options will translate to the new verbiage, so your marketing won’t miss a beat!

There’s even a new setting in the Company Preferences – Clients tab where you can define if you want the new “Allow Marketing” checkboxes to automatically be checked whenever a new client record is created. Remember to research what the privacy laws require in your area. Some laws require your client give written consent to receive marketing materials before this box can be checked!

Click here to learn more about Client References.

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2019 Enhancements – Payment Plans & Web Forms Enhancement

Our Web Form & Payment Plan capabilities are some of the most dynamic features available in myStratus. We’re bringing these powerhouses together in the 2019 version by introducing Invoice-based Web Forms!

Now, your web forms can pull information directly from an invoice for your clients to view and edit online. As an example, you can create a contract for whenever a client decides to use a payment plan. They’ll be able to view the details of the plan and given an e-signature online stating they agree to your terms.

Bringing this a step further, we’ve added a new setting in the Company Preferences – Invoicing tab where you can choose to have the software automatically create this web form and email or text it to a client when they have a payment plan created on their account.

Just a side note, this feature works very well with the new Online Payments!

Click here to learn more about Web forms
Click here to learn more about Payment Plans

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2019 Enhancements – myStratus Maps

Today’s new feature gives you a snapshot of the physical location of your customer base. This is a new service we’re making available as an add-on to myStratus Users. myStratus Maps are a powerful way to look at the geographic location of your clients from any hub in the software. We’ve partnered with Bing Maps to make this add-on possible.

Here’s the three map versions available:

Heat Map: When you pull up a list of clients, you can view this map to see where a concentration of the clients are located.

Heat Map

Pin by Address: View this map to see the addresses for the selected set of clients on the map.

Heat Map

Pin by Zip Code: View this map to see how many of the selected set of clients belong in each zip code and where they’re located.

Heat Map

During the Preview of myStratus 2019, the myStratus Maps feature is provided free of charge. After GA, an additional fee will be required to use myStratus Maps.

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2019 Enhancements – Online Booking Enhancements

Online booking can be key to expanding your business opportunities. Each year we try to introduce new enhancements to our online booking portal to keep up with the current needs affecting your business. Here are some of the new features we’ve brought to online booking this year:

Online Promotions

The ability to let clients use promotion codes is now here! All you need to do is build your promotions in your Price List and clients can enter the Item Identifier (or Promo Code) online.

Individual Session Type Booking Links

A new link option is available to send your clients past the Session Selection screen on Online Booking and straight to your time slots.

If you’re looking for more control over how your session types display online, you can build your own web page for each Session Type that’s available and use the new Session Type Link in your “Book Now” Button. This feature allows you to build custom pages for every Session Type, include sample images, or include special information regarding the Session Type before they book.

Previous Enhancements

I also want to take this opportunity to remind you of previous features that we’ve built into our online booking portal making it, what we feel, is the most comprehensive, customizable, and integrated solution available for you today.

  • iFrame capabilities to embed the Online Booking Portal directly into your website.
  • 15 customizable properties to make the Online Booking Portal match your website’s color, font, and button styles.
  • The ability to let either new or pre-existing clients book their Sessions and Appointments online – plus being able to turn off the feature for new clients to book online if you want greater control.
  • The ability to book either Sessions or Appointments online.
  • The ability to create scheduling timeslots so you have complete control over when your clients book, the User or Resource the Session or Appointment should be scheduled for, the type of Session or Appointment allowed, and even the Organization or School the Session is linked to.
  • The ability to bulk create or copy a group of timeslots at once and also the ability to have timeslots auto created for you every week.
  • The ability to require payments or deposits during the booking process.
  • The ability to auto trigger a customized text or email confirmation.
  • The ability to allow your client to reschedule or cancel sessions if you so choose.
  • The ability to give schools/Organizations their own booking preferences with direct links to auto-login clients associated with the Organization.
  • Direct and real-time integration with myStratus to auto create all the necessary client, session, appointment, invoice, and payment records.
  • Mobile responsive design so the Online Booking Portal works great from any small form device, such as a phone or tablet.
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