myStratus is an Enterprise-Grade Solution at an Affordable, Cloud-Based Price

Occasionally I get asked the question, “Why don’t you offer a free version of myStratus?” My response is simply, “We don’t do free!” Instead, we’re committed to providing enterprise-grade solutions at an affordable, cloud-based price. We believe you should have the best possible solution to run your business, no matter how big or small it is.

Here is an example of what you receive when you sign up for myStratus, even with our least expensive Express version (just $29.95 per month).

Multi-Tenant Databases

Your company gets a personalized database, specific to your account. Your data is never stored in a “shared” database with other businesses. Because your database is individualized and not shared, it comes with predictable performance benchmarks that we constantly monitor to ensure that another client’s usage doesn’t impact performance for you.

Geo-Located Data Centers

We have established three regional data centers worldwide, in the United States, Europe, and Australia. That means your database is located in a data center close to home, ensuring the shortest distance when accessing your data.

Data Mirroring

Your database is automatically replicated to three separate physical drives in three completely separate server racks. For you, that means no downtime or data loss if there is ever a hard drive failure or other hardware-related outage.

Point-in-Time Data Restore

We can restore your database back to any point in time during the past 14 days. So, if a punch-happy employee accidentally deletes some critical data, our techs can restore a copy of your database back to a point in time 15 minutes before the “whoops!”

Twelve Monthly Backups

In addition to 14 days of point-in-time data restores, we also maintain 12 monthly backups of your database. No manual backups required!

Geo-Replicated Backups

Every database backup is geo-replicated to a second data center at least 500 miles away from the primary data center. If a natural disaster were to force a data center outage, we can restore a backup from the secondary data center within minutes!

Audit Logs

We also maintain 14 days of audit logs for your specific database. This information can be used by our engineers to figure out performance issues or to spot unauthorized access to your database.


All data going in and out of your database is fully encrypted with the latest encryption technology. You can be sure that your clients’ data is safe at all times.


You can manage your own IP-address firewall rules to control who has access to your data. For example, if an employee quits, you can make sure they are locked out of your data right away.

Service Level Agreements

We have strict SLA’s in place with our data centers, guaranteeing you will be able to access your data at least 99.99% of the time.


As a company we believe that you are entitled to an enterprise-grade solution at an affordable, cloud-based price, no matter how large or small your business is. Your business matters to us that much…and it should to you as well! We’ve put a lot of time, research, and development resources into providing what we believe is essential in a cloud-based solution. We see that as our responsibility! If you’re planning to migrate your business to the cloud, evaluate your options carefully. A small monthly fee can go a long way in giving you peace-of-mind that your critical client data is safe, secure, and always accessible!

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