2018 Enhancements – Appointment Enhancements

Over the years, clients have asked us to increase their capabilities to manage appointments. This year, I believe we’ve delivered above and beyond expectations!

First and foremost, we’ve made the addition of the new Appointments Hub. Easily view all appointments in your system, search by Appointment Date, Last Name, Company Name, Appointment Types, Appointment Statuses (more on that later), or any user-defined Filter that you created. Then use the Column Chooser to view exactly the data fields you need. Use the Advance Status feature to change the status of a group of appointments simultaneously. Next, finish off by using a Group-By or Filter on any column, and then Print, Export to Excel, or simply work with the Appointment records directly in the software. Working with appointments has never been easier!

Second, we’ve added Appointment Statuses! You can now create your own appointment statuses and assign them to each appointment, allowing you to view exactly the status of every appointment on your books.

Third, now that we’ve added Appointment Statuses, we’ve included Appointment Status Triggers! Now automatically trigger a Task or communication based on the change of an appointment status or x days before or after a status due date. For example, send yourself an SMS Text reminder the day before a personal appointment.

Appointments are commonly utilized to track meetings, consultations, sales appointments, or any other personal item on your calendar. Now, with the assistance of these additional tools, appointments will function as an extremely powerful ally to keep you informed on your upcoming schedule. No doubt, you’ll find these new tools will help you continue to build a successful business.

Click here to learn more about Appointments Records

Click here to learn more about the Appointments Hub

Click here to learn more about Triggers

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