2018 Enhancements – Cayan Features

In the Unites States, Cayan (formerly called Merchant Warehouse) has been a key partner with StudioPlus for many years. Cayan’s always been on the forefront of delivering new technologies, staying current with all the latest trends, and ensuring compliance and security for our clients.

Cayan was one of the first to provide secure virtual terminals via the web (called Transport.Web) to allow our clients to take credit card payments via a browser while never requiring our software to touch the sensitive credit card information. This has always been key to keeping our software out of PCI scope and making it much easier for our clients to obtain PCI-Compliance.

Cayan was also in the forefront to provide tokenized payments, where Cayan would store the credit card information in their secure vaults and allow us to store a simple token. This token is what allows our software to process repeat transactions and automatic payment plans without having to store any sensitive information on your networks.

Cayan then invested heavily in the development of the Genius platform, the first payment technology to integrate processing, payment acceptance and customer experience in one fully-scalable platform. With the Genius platform, customers can choose to pay with credit, debit, chip cards or even mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Genius is fully PCI Level 1 compliant, uses point-to-point encryption, and is future-proof by accepting new features direct over the Cloud.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that both Spectra 2018 and myStratus Desktop 2018 will support the new Cayan Handheld and Cayan Mini (mobile) devices in addition to the existing Cayan Countertop device.

Genius Handheld keeps sales associates out from behind the counter and directly in front of your clients, helping them close the sales and finalize payments. The Genius Handheld device is just as simple to set up as the Genius Countertop device but works wirelessly over your wireless networks.




Genius Mini turns your mobile phone or tablet directly into a payment processing genius. Using either your audio jack or Bluetooth, the Genius Mini can process credit, debit, chip enabled cards, NFC/contactless digital wallets, or traditional mag-swiped cards—all from a single compact device. Genius Mini is available for both iOS and Android devices. Currently, a Genius Mini transaction must be initiated from either myStratus Desktop or Spectra. However, future versions of the myStratus mobile app will have the ability to initiate the transaction direct from the phone, providing a truly portable solution.

Finally, Cayan has enhanced their credit card storage vault. This enhanced vault has the ability to auto accept updated expiration dates from both participating MasterCard and Visa providers. So, when a card is about to expire, there’s no need to contact your client to get an updated expiration date. Instead, the data updates automatically. Cayan calls this new feature their Card Updater Service, and a small fee does apply. Simply contact Cayan to enable this feature.

We’re thrilled to bring these new features to our US clients and look forward to our continuing partnership with Cayan to deliver the most current technologies!

Click here to watch of video of Genius Mini (Mobile) in action

Click here to watch a video of Genius Handheld in action

Click here to read more about Genius Devices

Click here to visit Cayan’s website

Click here to receive a no obligation quote from Cayan


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