2018 Enhancements – Dashboard Enhancements

We’re proud that both myStratus and Spectra offer the richest Dashboard reporting tool within the industry. Dashboard Reports provide real-time analysis information, empowering you to make timely decisions to ensure your business prospers. With drill-down capabilities, you possess the ability to see the “meaning behind the numbers”. Learn each number’s significance and discover exactly how that data impacts your bottom line. That’s the essence of the Dashboard – empowering you with the key performance indicators needed to make the timely decisions necessary to manage a successful business.

In both Spectra and myStratus 2018, we’ve added 13 new reporting Data Types, including:

  • Emails All
  • Emails Sent
  • Emails Received
  • Emails Delivered (myStratus with StudioPlus Mail only)
  • Emails Opened (myStratus with StudioPlus Mail only)
  • Emails Clicked (myStratus with StudioPlus Mail only)
  • Emails Bounced (myStratus with StudioPlus Mail only)
  • Emails Spam Reported (myStratus with StudioPlus Mail only)
  • Emails Unsubscribed (myStratus with StudioPlus Mail only)
  • Loyalty Rewards Issued
  • Loyalty Rewards Redeemed
  • New Client Referrals
  • Payments Pending

In addition, the Group By feature was enhanced with the following:

  • Hour of Day (for Phone Call and Email reports)
  • Call Outcome (for Phone Call reports)
  • Call Results (for Phone Call reports)
  • Appointment Status (for Appointment reports)
  • Client Referral Program (for the majority of reports)

We’ve also added an important feature to Dashboard Reports called Data Criteria. Data Criteria allows you to filter reporting data without the need to build a complete Filter. For example, you could easily choose to show only Sessions where Session Type is “Wedding”. We’ve added 40 of these new Data Criteria to Dashboard Reports!!

I encourage every business owner/manager I meet to utilize the power of the Dashboard. Your business will never be the same!

Click here to read more about the Dashboard

Click here to watch a video on the Dashboard

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