2018 Enhancements – StudioPlus Mail Enhancements

In 2015, we introduced our StudioPlus Mail™ add-on service which is now the primary email delivery mechanism for the majority of our clients. StudioPlus Mail relies upon a deep integration with SendGrid, the world’s largest provider of email infrastructure service. SendGrid’s clients include technology leaders such as Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, and Yelp.

StudioPlus Mail works worldwide and is fully integrated with both Spectra and myStratus Desktop. With StudioPlus Mail, you’ve got the power to:

  • Give your clients the ability to unsubscribe and automatically update that information in your software.
  • Utilize Email Categories to organize your email analytics by campaign.
  • Email clients a link to confirm appointments and sessions. The session or appointment will automatically be marked as confirmed in your StudioPlus software.
  • Stop sending emails to invalid email addresses which improves your delivery scores.

Now in 2018, we’re bringing real-time, in-depth tracking of your emails directly through StudioPlus Mail! Now you’ve got the capability to track the Delivery Status of all outgoing emails within myStratus (not available in Spectra). These statuses include whether an email was Delivered, Opened, Bounced, etc. After clicking the delivery status within an email, also view the Email History to see the exact date and time each status was recorded. This gives you the bonus of knowing which emails are delivered, opened, and read!

(Why is this feature not available in Spectra? This integration relies on real-time communication between SendGrid.com and your myStratus database. Since Spectra databases do not live in the cloud, as myStratus databases do, they are inaccessible to SendGrid.com.)

To further enhance with the new Delivery Statuses, we’ve enhanced our Triggers and added a new Trigger Type for Email Records. This allows you to automatically create a task or phone call record whenever an email bounces, granting the ability to follow up with the client to get a valid email address. Or maybe create a phone call record when a marketing email has been clicked on to enhance the effectiveness of your phone sales!

We’ve also added Email Categories to the HTML and Form Letter Builders for added email tracking in both myStratus and Spectra. This feature enables every email sent via the software to be tracked via Analytical Reports in the SendGrid Portal and in 9 new Email Dashboard Reports built right into Spectra and myStratus!

The new email-related Dashboard reports include:

  • Emails All
  • Emails Bounced (myStratus Only)
  • Emails Clicked (myStratus Only)
  • Emails Delivered (myStratus Only)
  • Emails Opened (myStratus Only)
  • Emails Received
  • Emails Sent
  • Emails Spam Reported (myStratus Only)
  • Emails Unsubscribed (myStratus Only)

Now, track the effectiveness of every email campaign you run direct from within your software. In addition, with the new Dashboard Group By the Hour of Day feature, you can even see when your clients are opening and reading your emails, telling you exactly the best time of day to run your email campaigns.

Email marketing is key to running any successful business today—you’ll find these new email features to be invaluable in building your business!

Click here to read more about StudioPlus Mail.

Click here to watch an overview video about StudioPlus Mail.

Click here to visit SendGrid.com website.

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