Spectra 2018 and myStratus 2018 General Availability

Today I’m thrilled to announce that both Spectra 2018 and myStratus 2018 are available for general release!

As the CEO of StudioPlus Software, I want to publicly applaud the tireless efforts by my staff to deliver this new update. Creating a major update every year, from development to testing to documentation to video creation to delivery, is a time-consuming, detailed and difficult task. These updates require our staff to go way above and beyond what is normally required. Without this great team, we would not be able to deliver such great features to you. So, “Thanks, team!!”

All Spectra users with a current maintenance plan can upgrade today. All myStratus subscribers will automatically be upgraded during the next two weeks. If you are a myStratus subscriber, we’ll send you an email with the date of your automatic upgrade. You can let us know if the date doesn’t work for you and we’ll change it.

Get started by reading the Release Notes to learn about all the great new features as well as some important items that have changed in the software. Remember, if you have a suggestion for a new feature, please visit our User Voice page here, where you can cast your vote on other people’s suggestions or add one of your own!

Spectra users – Click here to start your Spectra 2018 download!

myStratus subscribers – Keep an eye on your email for the date of your upgrade!

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2 Responses to Spectra 2018 and myStratus 2018 General Availability

  1. Grider Lee says:

    I upgraded our Spectra a few days ago to the 2018 version. Did I do something wrong?

    Grider Lee

    • Matthew Hunt says:

      Nope you did nothing wrong. You simply installed the Preview Release. Today, the software has reached GA, meaning it is Generally Available to all! Enjoy.

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