2019 Enhancements – Net Promoter Scores

Ever received a 1-10 scoring scale like this from a business you’ve recently patronaged? “How likely are you to recommend our service to a friend or colleague?”

The number you select during this survey is called a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Net Promoter scores are the latest “Hot Topic” in the business world. Experts today have deemed this as the single-most important question you can ask clients to gauge your business’ success. The feedback provided after selecting a rating provides the gateway for you to see what your business does well and where you could use improvement, and because NPS is a leading indicator of your future growth, you’ll quickly find it to be one of the most valuable tools in myStratus!!

The number selected with this critical question shows businesses whether the client is a Detractor, Passive, or a Promoter.

Let’s take a moment to define the difference between a Detractor, a Passive, and a Promoter:

Detractor – If a client scores 0-6 on their Net Promoter survey, they’re considered a Detractor to your business. Something was perceived to go wrong along the way and these clients probably don’t plan to work with you in the future. They may even try to prevent others from working with you. For example, they may give you a bad review, not refer others to you, and definitely not give you any repeat business.

Passive – If a client scores a 7 or 8 on their Net Promoter survey, they’re considered a Passive to your business. They appreciate your business but aren’t necessarily going to spread the word of your products/services.

Promoter – If a client scores 9 or 10 on their Net Promoter survey, they’re considered a Promoter of your business. These clients are enthusiastic about your brand and will continue to use your services and promote you to others. These are the clients most likely to give you a positive review online, to refer others to you, and to give you repeat business down the road.

To determine your overall NPS rating, take the total percentage of Detractors and subtract it from the total percentage of Promoters. This difference tells you your overall performance with clients. It also helps you determine which clients are going to stay loyal to your brand, and which clients need extra care and attention. The highest score you can receive is 100 (100% Promoters), and the lowest number is -100 (100% Detractors).

These numbers are key indicators to how your business is performing in terms of your customers’ opinion of your service and products. In the 2019 version of myStratus, we’ve given you the ability to include this survey in your HTML emails, which can be automatically sent to your client via a trigger after they complete a session, after they receive their order, or any other customized triggered event.

Upon receiving the survey, your client can rate how they felt about their last visit. After they pick a number, they’ll be re-directed online where they can enter any additional comments explaining the reason for their rating. We’ve even built this email for you in myStratus – look for it in your HTML email builder with the title SAMPLE – Net Promoter Score.

All this information will then be automatically placed onto your client’s record for you to review. Session and Invoice records will display the NPS rating for that particular visit and the Client record will display the client’s average NPS rating from all records. To view the overall data for your studio, we’ve also added a new Dashboard report type for Clients Net Promoter Data.

And don’t be surprised if you spot an email from us asking you this very important question!

Click here to read more about Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

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