2019 Enhancements – Online Booking Enhancements

Online booking can be key to expanding your business opportunities. Each year we try to introduce new enhancements to our online booking portal to keep up with the current needs affecting your business. Here are some of the new features we’ve brought to online booking this year:

Online Promotions

The ability to let clients use promotion codes is now here! All you need to do is build your promotions in your Price List and clients can enter the Item Identifier (or Promo Code) online.

Individual Session Type Booking Links

A new link option is available to send your clients past the Session Selection screen on Online Booking and straight to your time slots.

If you’re looking for more control over how your session types display online, you can build your own web page for each Session Type that’s available and use the new Session Type Link in your “Book Now” Button. This feature allows you to build custom pages for every Session Type, include sample images, or include special information regarding the Session Type before they book.

Previous Enhancements

I also want to take this opportunity to remind you of previous features that we’ve built into our online booking portal making it, what we feel, is the most comprehensive, customizable, and integrated solution available for you today.

  • iFrame capabilities to embed the Online Booking Portal directly into your website.
  • 15 customizable properties to make the Online Booking Portal match your website’s color, font, and button styles.
  • The ability to let either new or pre-existing clients book their Sessions and Appointments online – plus being able to turn off the feature for new clients to book online if you want greater control.
  • The ability to book either Sessions or Appointments online.
  • The ability to create scheduling timeslots so you have complete control over when your clients book, the User or Resource the Session or Appointment should be scheduled for, the type of Session or Appointment allowed, and even the Organization or School the Session is linked to.
  • The ability to bulk create or copy a group of timeslots at once and also the ability to have timeslots auto created for you every week.
  • The ability to require payments or deposits during the booking process.
  • The ability to auto trigger a customized text or email confirmation.
  • The ability to allow your client to reschedule or cancel sessions if you so choose.
  • The ability to give schools/Organizations their own booking preferences with direct links to auto-login clients associated with the Organization.
  • Direct and real-time integration with myStratus to auto create all the necessary client, session, appointment, invoice, and payment records.
  • Mobile responsive design so the Online Booking Portal works great from any small form device, such as a phone or tablet.
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