2019 Enhancements – Online Payments

The most requested feature over this past year has by far been an online payment portal where your clients can pay for invoices, payment plans, and even update their credit card info – all from their own device. I’m excited to share that this feature is officially here! You can even hook this feature up to automatic emailing/texting with triggers!

Two new merge fields have been added that will send your clients to their own payment portal.

  • The ClientOnlinePayURL merge field will send your clients to the whole portal where they can pay for any of their invoices that have an outstanding balance or update any saved credit cards.
  • The InvoiceOnlinePayURL will send your clients straight to a specific invoice where they can pay the outstanding balance.
  • The PaymentOnlinePayURL will send your clients straight to a pending payment where they can pay the record’s total. This link goes great with Payment Plans.

We’ve even built these emails for you in myStratus – look for them in your HTML email builder with the title SAMPLE – Online Invoice Portal and SAMPLE – Online Payment Portal.

To send this email to your clients, there’s an additional setting in the Company Preferences where you can define the default email you want sent to clients so they can access the portal.

Because we wanted to make this feature as easy to use as possible, we’ve added new buttons on the Client, Invoice, and Payment Ribbons to email clients their online link.

We’re also excited to start using this feature here at StudioPlus – allowing YOU to view your outstanding invoices and update payment methods whenever necessary. No more needing to contact Customer Service! Keep your eye out for that change coming soon!

Click here to learn more about Online Payments. Note: This feature is only available to clients with a TSYS account in the U.S.

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