2019 Enhancements – Payment Plans & Web Forms Enhancement

Our Web Form & Payment Plan capabilities are some of the most dynamic features available in myStratus. We’re bringing these powerhouses together in the 2019 version by introducing Invoice-based Web Forms!

Now, your web forms can pull information directly from an invoice for your clients to view and edit online. As an example, you can create a contract for whenever a client decides to use a payment plan. They’ll be able to view the details of the plan and given an e-signature online stating they agree to your terms.

Bringing this a step further, we’ve added a new setting in the Company Preferences – Invoicing tab where you can choose to have the software automatically create this web form and email or text it to a client when they have a payment plan created on their account.

Just a side note, this feature works very well with the new Online Payments!

Click here to learn more about Web forms
Click here to learn more about Payment Plans

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