Preview Release of myStratus and Spectra 2019!

Today, we are officially announcing the Preview Release of myStratus 2019 and Spectra 2019. This release contains new features our team’s been developing, testing, and documenting. I can’t wait for you to see the results of their hard work!

What’s new in 2019?

myStratus Users have a lot of exciting and unique features coming their way this year!

  • First, we have a brand-new online payment portal so YOUR clients can pay for orders from the convenience of their own device.
  • Next, we have a special “Net Promoter Score” survey built into myStratus – which is one of the best indicators as to how satisfied your clients are and is also one of the best predictors on how well your business is going to perform in the near future.
  • The myStratus mobile app also features the new ability to process credit cards directly within the app – thanks to our integration with TSYS and their Genius Mini device.
  • A new add-on service is also available called StudioPlus Maps – giving you the capability in myStratus to see where your client base is actually located.
  • Plus, Online Booking has received a few new goodies as well – continuing to make it the best most integrated and customizable solution to allow your clients to book, reschedule, or cancel their sessions or appointments online!

We’ve also changed how Marketing is approached in both myStratus and Spectra. Now, instead of seeing clients as “Do Not Market”, we’ve switched things up to display “Allow Text Marketing”, “Allow Email Marketing”, and “Allow Call Marketing”, giving you and your clients greater control over their marketing preferences.

The above list just scratches the surface. You’ll also see numerous other new enhancements, many of which came direct from you, via the StudioPlus User Voice, where clients can submit suggestions for new features, and other clients can vote to help us decide which feature requests are most in demand.

In the coming two weeks, we’ll be making a series of blog posts highlighting these new enhancements and how you can use these features to grow your business. Stay tuned!

We are now in the process of completing documentation and training materials. Upon completion, we’ll make myStratus 2019 and Spectra 2019 Generally Available (GA) to all. In the meantime, if you’d like to install the Preview Release of the new 2019 Version, here are instructions:


Click here to read the “What’s New in 2019”

Click here to read the detailed Release Notes for 2019 Volume 1 Service Release 1

StudioPlus Spectra Users

Click Help > About to make sure your AMP date is January 2019 or greater. If not, please email a screenshot to

Click here to download Spectra 2019 and install on all workstations

StudioPlus myStratus Users

Send an email to to request your upgrade to 2019. They will coordinate the date and time for your upgrade. At that time, you’ll automatically be prompted to download your new myStratus Desktop for 2019.

We hope you love what’s new in 2019, and we’re always very interested in hearing from you. Your input matters in making ours the software that best suits YOUR needs to run a successful and expanding business. If you have a suggestion for a future enhancement, please click here to add it to the StudioPlus User Voice. Or, if you find that someone else has already made that suggestion, then simply vote it up! The more votes, the greater the chance we will implement that enhancement in a future update.

If you have any problems with the new 2019 Version, please call or email us at We would love to assist you.

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  1. Looking forward to upcoming enhancements and as always, thanks for being a great partner for our business! Your team does an excellent job in support, improvements, and dependability!

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