2019 Enhancements – Additional Goodies

Over the past several days, I’ve been privileged to describe our latest 2019 features, and today I’m sharing some “Additional Goodies” in the latest release. These features may not warrant their own dedicated blog post but we believe they’re still just as exciting!

Here’s what’s new:

Best Promotion Calculator – A new calculator option is available on all invoices. When activated, the system will automatically check all listed Promotional items on an invoice and will only apply the one Promotional item that gives the best deal for the client.

Calendar Performance – Changes have been made behind the scenes to improve Calendar performance for myStratus.

Cayan Credit Card processing – With TSYS’s recent acquisition of Cayan, Spectra/myStratus have been updated to display the new TSYS branding instead of Cayan.

Client records – The Invoice tab of Client records will now display a green dot if all your client’s invoices are paid in full.

Image Detail – A new option is available in the Company Preferences to not print individual images on the Image Detail if they’re only being used in a Composite.

Search By Options – The Search By feature in the Clients Hub is now able to search via Lead Source.

Dashboard – Session and Appointment based Data Types in the Dashboard provides the option to Group By “Hour of Day”.

Invoice Labels – A new Client Labels pop-up menu for Session, Bill-to, and Shipping labels is included in Invoice records.

Time SlotsUser and Resource columns now visible in Time Slot maintenance form.

Client Import Wizard – A new ability to Update Existing Client Records based on Main Phone Number in Client Import Wizard.

Client Birthdays – 12 new Filters have been automatically added to create a list of client’s birthdays for each month.

Price List Items – Replaceable Price List Items grant the ability to require an item be replaced.

Auto Capitalization – A new setting in the Company Preferences lets you disable the software’s automatic capitalization feature. To bypass the auto capitalization, a hover-over detail has also been added to all client records.

Today’s SnapshotLYTD (Last Year-To-Date) data has been added to Today’s Snapshot tile on Home page. LYTD means Last Year-to-date, which allows you to get an immediate comparison how you are doing this Year-to-date versus last year for the same period.

Notes – All Notes tabs give you the ability to change font style and size.

Advanced Search – New ability to search by ALL client Phone Numbers at once in the Advanced Search form.

Global Payments – Additional compliance in Global Payments integration for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in Europe.

Time Stamps – Now set Time Stamps to follow a global internet time instead of the computer’s local time at Company Preferences > Miscellaneous tab. Using this feature bypasses the local computer clock, which can be different from computer to computer, and uses a centralized Internet-based clock so all time-stamps are consistent and accurate. Using this feature, also prevents a user from manually changing their computer time to fraudulently stamping in an inaccurate timestamp in the notes.

Many of the new features added in the 2019 Version came directly from our StudioPlus User Voice page. Please, continue to use this page to submit new feature requests that you’d appreciate being added to an upcoming release, or simply cast your vote for someone else’s suggestion. The more votes a suggestion receives, the more likely it will show up in a future release. Help customize both StudioPlus Spectra and myStratus for years to come!!

Click here to visit the StudioPlus User Voice

Click here for the complete list of What’s New in 2019 Volume 1

Click here for the complete Release Notes for 2019 Volume 1

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