2020 Enhancements – Additional Features

Next up, let’s talk about some additional features released in 2020. These features might not warrant their own blog post, but we’re still excited that they help make our software one of the most robust, all-in-one solutions for photographers.

Preferences Wizard

A big change we’ve added is a completely redesigned Preferences Wizard. This is the wizard that prompts a brand-new Spectra or myStratus user when they launch our software for the very first time. Its purpose is to house all the important settings a new user needs to get the software up and running. We’ve updated this wizard to show new features, remove old ones, and have an overall more explanatory design.

While this feature is designed for brand-new users, anyone can view it at Maintenance > Preferences > Preferences Wizard.

Trigger Enhancement

A new option is available in triggers to automatically send both an email and SMS message – allowing you to send two communications using one trigger.

SMS Enhancement

When sending an SMS to a phone number not already in your system, we’ve added a setting to automatically have the software create a new client record to keep all communications with this number together.

Coming Soon

We have big plans for 2020! One of the “new features” in this first release of 2020 actually can’t be seen quite yet. We’ve added the necessary back-end infrastructure to support our upcoming, brand-new InspiredByYou.com Website!!! Keep an eye out for more updates throughout the year.

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