2020 Enhancements – Net Promoter Score Enhancements

One of our biggest enhancements back in 2019 was our Net Promoter Score feature that lets you automatically record this important feedback. Here’s an excerpt from last year’s blog post recapping the definition of a Net Promoter Score:

“Ever received a 1-10 scoring scale like this from a business you’ve recently patronaged? “How likely are you to recommend our service to a friend or colleague?”

The number you select during this survey is called a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Net Promoter scores are the latest “Hot Topic” in the business world. Experts today have deemed this as the single-most important question you can ask clients to gauge your business’ success. The feedback provided after selecting a rating provides the gateway for you to see what your business does well and where you could use improvement, and because NPS is a leading indicator of your future growth, you’ll quickly find it to be one of the most valuable tools in myStratus!!”

Collecting feedback and data on how your business is doing is absolutely crucial to growing your business, but that data doesn’t provide much insight if you experience low response rates. Therefore, we’ve expanded this critical feature to bring you Net Promoter Score SMS Triggers!

Now, you’ve got a new ability in the Trigger maintenance menu to automatically send a client an NPS SMS text message based on the criteria you set up. This isn’t any ordinary text message – when a client responds to your text asking, “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to refer us to a friend or colleague?”, their response and subsequent feedback will automatically be recorded on the matching session record > Online tab. You can then review this information, along with all the reports and additional triggers created back in 2019.

SMS text messaging is an important key to modern day business practices, and we love bringing you new ways to better utilize this amazing tool.

Click here to learn more about Net Promoter Scores.

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