2020 Enhancements – Online Booking

Today, we’ll review some of the new enhancements for online booking! Online Booking is one of our personal favorite features at StudioPlus. With photographers all around the world, we are honored to play a role in bringing you a greater connection with your clients!

Multilingual Online Booking

For our international users, we’ve added more language options in the online booking portal. These include Dutch, Danish, Italian, Swedish, and Norwegian translations on top of our English, German, French, and Spanish translations.

To set this up yourself, this setting is controlled by the Locale option found on the General tab of the Company Preferences. Or, utilize a custom URL that directs clients to the translated portal.

Since we do not have anyone on staff who is fluent in the new online languages, if you see an incorrect translation, please let us know! We will be happy to correct the wording. Email any corrections to Support@StudioPlusSoftware.com.

Online Booking Locations

As an additional feature for photographers who utilize in-home photography, we’ve added the ability to online booking for you to list the client’s home address as the location of their photoshoot. No more confusion for where they need to be!

This can be set for individual session types in the Session Type maintenance > Online Booking tab.

Online Booking Fonts

Another great feature is the ability to add your own custom, web-safe font to display online. In your Customization options for online booking, you may free-type the name of the font and the system will automatically connect with it. As far as color options go, the system has already allowed you to free type a color’s RGB code. This new addition grants you full control of the customization of your online booking portal.

Click here to learn more about Online Booking.

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