2020 Enhancements – Report Subscriptions

myStratus contains a vast number of reports to provide you with a better understanding of how your business is operating. With this next feature, you’ve been granted greater control over these reports with the introduction of Report Subscriptions!

Both Spectra and myStratus users can now Save your report settings to come back and view later. For example, let’s say you always run the same Time Sheet report every week for Payroll. Now, this report has a new option to save the report settings, so the software will remember what you need to see when you access the saved report next time. An important point to remember with this feature is to keep the dates generic. If you always view a report based on today’s information, make sure your dates are set to show for Today instead of Today’s Date 05/26/2020.

With this new saved report feature, myStratus users can go even further and Subscribe to your saved reports, which will automatically send the report to your email inbox on the date/time you define. Using my previous example of the Time Sheet report—since you saved the report exactly in the format you need it, you can also select to Subscribe to the report. Once this is set up, myStratus will automatically send you a copy of the time sheet report once a week when you need to look at it.

Plus, if your report criteria, or the frequency you need a report, changes over time, you can always edit them at the new Maintenance > Reports menu.

Click here to learn more about Report Subscriptions

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