Set up your Yearbook Workflow! Day 5

Today’s is the last day for our training series on yearbook workflow – you’ll be happy to know it’s a simple one. If you followed closely during the past 4 posts, your yearbook workflow is going to be a breeze! While the set up takes some time, once you get going, you’ll notice how every detail plays an important role in making sure your workflow runs smoothly.

Just one topic’s left and that’s reporting on your students. Now this doesn’t involve a bunch of paperwork or a big presentation you need to sweat over. This reporting is handled by us and is meant to show you patterns in your workflow with schools.

Five reports are associated with Organizations – view them at Reports > Organization Reports as follows:

  1. Organization List – Shows a list of all Organizations as well as their Deadlines, Notes, and Contact Info.
  2. Organization Session List – Choose between one or all Organizations to view what sessions are scheduled for either a certain date range or a specific graduation year. This report also shows whether a student has selected their yearbook image.
  3. Organization Session List – Not Photographed – Choose between one or all Organizations to view what students have not yet completed their photo session. This includes: missed sessions, upcoming sessions, and unscheduled sessions.
  4. Organization Session Summary – Choose between one or all Organizations to view the statistics for the number of students vs. photographed and unphotographed students.
  5. Organization Yearbook Approval – Choose between one or all Organizations to view a student’s status with their yearbook image.
    • If the image has been prepared, the student’s image will appear.
    • If a student has selected an image, but it has not been prepared, the report will say Image Not Ready.
    • If the student does not have any images in their session folders yet, it will say Waiting on Images.
    • If the student is not even scheduled for their session, it will say Not Scheduled.
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