Spectra vs myStratus – How are they Different?

While the structure of Spectra and myStratus is very similar, some rather large differences exist that really set the two softwares apart from each other. Let’s dig into the biggest differences between the two:

Color – First, and most obvious, is the color scheme. Instead of the traditional orange color of Spectra, myStratus showcases a blue coloring. Blue like the sky! myStratus is a cloud-based product, so the blue color scheme is quite fitting.

Data-Hosting – As I just mentioned, probably the biggest difference between the softwares is that myStratus hosts your data in the cloud. This means you’re able to access your database anywhere you find an internet connection! Spectra, on the other hand, is a locally hosted solution- fully controlled by your network. The biggest benefit of this functionality is that it allows you to work offline if your internet connection isn’t quite as reliable.

Cloud Features – One of the best aspects of myStratus is that, because it’s hosted in the cloud, it allows us to create and release “online” features which simply can’t be used in Spectra’s local format. Our most current examples of these types of features are Online Booking, Web Forms (e.g. Contact Us Forms), Online Referral Programs, and mobile-friendly image galleries. Because your myStratus database is hosted in the cloud, we’re able to utilize an instant connection with the database when clients go through their online process.

Data Maintenance – Because Spectra is a local system, controlled within your own network, you are also in charge of its maintenance. This includes setting up automatic processes within the system to allow Spectra to take care of itself. In doing this, you hold much of the power with your Spectra database – your security is in your hands. On the contrary, because your myStratus database is in the cloud, we’re able to manage all the extra security for you. This includes constant back-ups, data encryption, Automatic Disaster Recovery, and a lot more!

Apps – With Spectra, you only have the one Desktop app installed on your PC and it operates within your network. For myStratus, there are actually three ways to access your database:

  • Desktop App – Just like the Spectra desktop app, this full-featured app can be installed directly on your PC. This app is also a mirror of the Spectra Desktop app, so all features can be found in the same locations.
  • Web App – By utilizing an Internet Browser, such as Chrome or FireFox, you can access your myStratus database anywhere with an internet connection. The web app has limited access to features as compared to the Desktop App, but it’s still a great resource when you need to get to your database!
  • Mobile App – Available on Apple and Android devices, you can also install the myStratus Mobile app. This app allows you to view and edit basic information from your database. While it does require an internet connection in order to sync with your live database, the app can also work offline. You’ll be able to edit any information as it appears from your last sync, and when you eventually get back on the internet, the app will sync any changes you’ve made.

Pricing – Now let’s talk about a very important difference between Spectra and myStratus. In order to use Spectra, you must purchase the software. Starting with a 12-month payment plan, after purchasing the software, you can roll into an optional Monthly Maintenance plan that provides you continued Tech Support and any software updates we release. Regardless if you decide to continue with a maintenance plan, by purchasing the software, you fully own your license. For myStratus, the software is available as a subscription. You pay for the software as you need it. As well as the features/abilities listed in this blog post, the myStratus subscription also comes with Tech Support, Training, and any updates we release with the software.

Both softwares definitely feature their own strengths, and it all comes down to what will work best for YOUR business. We’re here to help you make the right decision in choosing which software will help your business be its most successful. If you’re still not sure which way to turn, click here to schedule a free one-on-one demo with one of our Product Specialists to see the software in action!

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