GIF Tips to Improve Email Marketing

You’ve seen them all over the internet and may even wonder how they’re made – from cute image sequences to funny clips of cats doing stunts. Of course, I’m talking about the GIF! Since being introduced in 1986, GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format) have taken the internet by storm.

Rising in popularity in 2006/2008, the GIF is now a staple of common internet practice. So how can you take advantage of this trend to increase your own business success? Include the GIF in your email marketing! Make your message stand out against the other emails competing for your client’s inbox with an eye-catching image display.

One example is to create a brief sequence of your best images:

Or just go crazy with a fun/goofy GIF featuring some of your employees. Seize the opportunity to pique your client’s interest about the fun that goes on at your studio!


Making GIFs is actually very easy. We utilize Camtasia for our video and GIF making purposes. Free services online, such as GIPHY, also allow you to make your own or to use pre-existing GIFs.

Flexibility & modernization is key in every industry. As trends change, it’s important to recognize when we need to change along with them.

And remember—have fun with it!


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