Download Spectra 2012 Volume 1

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Installation Instructions:

  1. Before you begin, check the Maintenance Plan Expire Date in your current software! In StudioPlus, select About from the Help menu and make sure the AMP Expire Date is January 2012 or later. If it is not, please contact StudioPlus Technical Support before proceeding with this installation.
  2. Close StudioPlus on all computers.
  3. Start the Database Utility (Start > All Programs > StudioPlus 20XX > Utilities > Database Utility), and click BackUp Data Files.
  4. Also using the Database Utility, click Compact and Repair Data Files.
  5. Download the current Spectra 2012 Volume 1 installer using the link below. (Save the installer to a shared folder if you’ll be installing Spectra on multiple computers.)
    Download now
  6. Restart your computer.
  7. Un-install any previous versions of StudioPlus.
  8. Find the StudioPlus Spectra installer you saved in step 5 and run it.
  9. After the install finishes successfully, start Spectra and let it upgrade your data. Let the upgrade finish completely on at least one computer before starting the process on any others.
  10. Restart the Spectra Control Center.

    If you are running StudioPlus Spectra on multiple computers, continue with these final steps on each computer.

  11. Un-install any previous versions of StudioPlus.
  12. Run the StudioPlus Spectra installer you downloaded in step 5.
  13. Start StudioPlus Spectra.

Need Help?
If you have any problems or questions, please contact StudioPlus tech support: