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Set Up an InSpiredByYou Account

Contact StudioPlus Software, (888) 862-4868, to set up an account.


StudioPlus will provide you with an client user name and password, as well as a link to your site that you can use from your website.


Set Up InSpiredByYou Preferences in Spectra

There is a set of preferences related to InSpiredByYou that must be set up in Spectra. They are found in Maintenance > Preferences > Preferences. This is where you will activate InSpiredByYou, determine what your InSpired site looks like, select watermarking options, choose how you want to process online payments, and more. In addition, your InSpired credentials must also be entered in your Studio Preferences.

Enter InSpired Password in Studio Preferences



Activate InSpiredByYou



General Tab

general_tab.jpg Preferences - Company

Company Tab

IBY_prefs_company.PNG Preferences - Company


Images Tab

images_tab.jpg Preferences - Images


Select your Watermark Options. The watermark will be added to the low-res jpg as they are uploaded to your InSpiredByYou site.

Orders Tab

iby_prefs_orders.PNG Preferences - Orders

Invoice Defaults

Select the Default Invoice Status for downloaded web orders. We recommend using the invoice status field to keep track of orders that have recently been downloaded. If you have not used the invoice status before, follow these steps to begin:

  1. Go to Maintenance > Preferences > Studio Preferences > Invoicing. Check the box to Display Invoice Status on Invoice Screen.

  2. Go to Maintenance > Invoice > Invoice Statuses. Set up at least four invoice statuses:

You can also choose a Default Payment Method for your online orders.

Payment Processing

These settings allow you to choose how you will process credit cards online.

Client Update

During the online checkout process, clients will have the opportunity to modify their contact information. Make one of the following choices to instruct Spectra what to do with any changes made online.


Promotion Maintenance

InSpiredByYou promotion codes can be used by your clients when shopping on InSpiredByYou. You can choose to provide discounted or free products. Follow these steps to set up your InSpired promotion codes:

Go to the Order tab and click Promotion Maintenance. To create a new promotion code, click New on the ribbon.


InSpired Price List

For each Spectra session you upload to InSpiredByYou, you can choose a specific online price list. You may want to have different online price lists for different clients or session types. You may use an existing price list, but it is our recommendation that you create a new, simplified price list for online use.


In Spectra, go to the Maintenance > Price List > Price Lists.

Payment Methods Maintenance

Session Types Maintenance

Sales Tax Tab

IBY_Prefs_tax.PNG Preferences - Sales Tax


Note that Line Item Level is not supported in InSpired.

Shipping Tab

shipping_tab.jpg Preferences - Shipping


Tasks Tab

Use the settings on the Task tab to have Spectra auto-create tasks to go along with certain types of InSpiredByYou downloads. Use the tasks that are automatically created to keep your workflow on track. For example, use Spectra to automatically create a pending task for the album designer when a client submits comments for their online album. Go to Maintenance > Task to set up Task Types and Task Statuses.


tasks_tab.jpg Preferences - Tasks


Link Your Studio Website to

Set up a link from your studio website to your website.


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