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Reference #: FQ 00016
Author: JulieT
Created: 12.23.12
Last Revised: 05.05.16

FAQ - What are my email ISP limits?


Q: What are my Internet service provider's limitations? How do those limitations affect my ability to send emails from Spectra/myStratus?

A: The emailing feature in Spectra/myStratus is a powerful marketing tool, but it is limited by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Here are some great tips to make sure you will not be slowed by your ISP.

Before sending email from the software, it is stongly recommended that you check with your ISP to find out what their limit is for the number of emails they allow you to send in one day.

Most ISP's limit the number of emails they allow you to send in any given period of time – some are limited on a minute basis, some hourly, and some for every 24-hour period. It is best to know what that limit is before you send bulk emails to your clients through Spectra/myStratus.

For example: If you have 4,000 clients you plan to send a marketing piece to, but your ISP only allows 500 in a 24-hour period, you do not want to attempt to send all 4,000 in one mailing. If you exceed your limit, your ISP may or may not send a message to Spectra/myStratus, causing an error. If the software does receive a message from your ISP in order to generate an error, you'll know there was a problem, but you won't know who received the email and who didn't. If the software does not receive a message from your ISP, and thus does not generate an error, you won't have any idea that 3500 people simply did not get the email.

The error message your ISP sends Spectra/myStratus has no details, so the software will have no way to let you know what caused the error. The software also has no way of determining what your daily limits are, so it is crucial that you know your limits and operate within them when sending email.

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