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Reference #: FQ 00024
Author: StephL
Created: 12.23.11
Last Revised: 06.12.12

FAQ - Combining Production Orders


Q: Can production orders include items from different invoices?

A: Yes, you can link multiple invoices to a single Spectra production order. Take a look at the example described below.


"In our studio, we usually place an order to the vendor either once a week or once every two weeks. For each vendor order we combine individual orders of the same type from various customers. For example, ten customers have each ordered one 10"x8" frame. I want to send ONE production order (purchase order) to the vendor for those ten 10"x8" frames. This way we can include the list of products from the vendor on a summary sheet instead of sending ten individual purchase orders. I guess this is called batch ordering. If I've already created a production order from one invoice in Spectra, how do I add the products from other invoices?"

NOTE: When using the Production Order feature in Spectra, it is strongly recommended that order numbers are used. This allows you to find an existing production order more easily and is especially valuable when combining production orders.

To link additional invoices to an existing production order:
  1. Open another invoice that contains items you wish to add to the existing production order. Then click Production Order on the New group of the ribbon.

  2. In the Step 2 section, select the option to "add detail lines to an existing production order." Select the production order from the drop-down list.

  3. In the Step 3 section, choose the option to "manually add the detail lines to the production order."

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