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Reference #: HT 00026
Author: StephL
Created: 12.23.11
Last Revised: 04.05.12

How To: Discount a Gift Certificate or Gift Card



Find out how to discount or donate a gift card or gift certificate in Spectra.



Gift cards and gift certificates can't be discounted at the line-item level like other items because the price becomes the value. Don't worry! There are still two other ways to apply a discount. Use one of the following methods:

  • Discount the entire invoice by an amount or a percent by typing the amount or percent into the Discount field.

    Example using a discount %:

    Example using a discount amount:

  • Add a (non-taxable) line item called "Gift Card Discount" or "Gift Certificate Donation." When you're adding the item to the invoice, use a negative one (-1) for the quantity and put the amount of the discount in the Price field.