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Reference #: RN 2012v1r2
Author: Tech Support
Created: 04.16.12
Last Revised: 04.17.12

Release Notes: Spectra 2012 Volume 1 SR 2



Release Date: April 17, 2012


New or Enhanced Features

There are no new features included in this service release.


Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
345 Calendar Moving an unlinked appointment on a calendar multiple times may cause an error. Resolved.
784 Gift Certificates SQL - The Gift Certificate Activity report generates an error for SQL users only. Resolved.
848 Rendering Error may occur when rendering ordered images from a production order when the "Output one copy of each ordered image" option is checked. Resolved.
849 Studio Preferences Changing the default preview quality on the Digital page of Studio Preferences does not save. Resolved.
883 Triggers Saving a production order status trigger may result in an error. Resolved.
895 Sessions Session image folders are re-created after being deleted if there is a change made to the session record. Resolved.
897 Sessions Opening an existing session record may prompt the user to save changes when none were made. Resolved.
912 Triggers When running an email trigger for client with no email, an error occurs and the trigger will keep retrying. Resolved.
920 Sessions On a newly created database, the session type combo box will be empty in a new session. Resolved.
945 Composites Modifying a composite in the workflow may cause an error. Resolved.


Additional Information

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