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Reference #: RN 2012v1r4
Author: Tech Support
Created: 06.04.12
Last Revised: 06.12.12

Release Notes: Spectra 2012 Volume 1 SR 4



Release Date: June 20, 2012


New or Enhanced Features

There are no new features included in this service release.


Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
787 Email When setting up an email box in list maintenance, the auto-reply option does not list HTML emails. Resolved.
806 Calendar All day appointments may not appear correctly on the calendar. Resolved.
864 Triggers Communication records created by invoice status triggers are not being associated with invoice's parent session. Resolved.
896 Dashboard The Dashboard report panels do not refresh when Spectra is left running overnight. Resolved.
962 Calls Hub On the Calls hub, using the column chooser to add the client-organization field causes an error. Resolved.
983 Invoices When creating an invoice, entering an item number that does not exist in the price list may result in an error. Resolved.
995 Invoices The "Modified Date" field on invoice and payment records does not get updated when a record is posted. Resolved.
1010 Production Orders, Enterprise [Enterprise only] There is a performance issue when loading production order users. Resolved.
1048 Reports An error will occur when running the Product Sales Analysis report if the "#" sign is encountered. Resolved.
1062 Studio Preferences An error may occur if any Invoice Image Options are selected on the Digital page in Studio Preferences. Resolved.
1078 Filters Creating a client group from a session filter may cause an error. Resolved.
1088 Triggers There isn't a way to use appointment triggers to create SMS text messages. Resolved.
1092 Sessions, Enterprise [Enterprise only] Saving a new session for a new client may result in an unhandled exception error. Resolved.
1096 Notes The View All Notes feature is not including incoming or outgoing rich text email. Resolved.
1099 Notes The View All Notes feature is not including notes from task records. Resolved.
1100 Barcodes Scanning a session barcode may cause an error. Resolved.
1104 Calls Hub Sorting the Calls hub by the "Completed" column hides all the calls. Resolved.
1114 Triggers Printing letters from triggers results in overlapping merge fields. Resolved.
1145 Clients Hub, Enterprise [Enterprise only] When viewing records on the Clients hub for all studios, the client "Created By" field and the invoice "Sales Rep" field are not being populated. Resolved.
1147 Notes The View All Notes feature is not including incoming or outgoing SMS text messages. Resolved.
1149 Tasks Hub On the Tasks hub, the search feature does not retain the selected user when you select an "assigned to" department and then choosing a user. The search filters correctly, but the selected user is not retained in the combo box. Resolved.
1151 Filters The filter builder generates an error when you use "Session" in any element and then click Update Results. Resolved.
1152 HTML Email, Enterprise [Enterprise only] The company HTML merge fields pull information from the corporate office rather than the studio where the record resides. Resolved.
1154 Slideshow The music fades out too slowly in the slideshow. Resolved.
1155 Hubs Double-clicking on a "Group By" header may result in an unhandled exception error. Resolved.
1157 Communication Wizard The sort order is incorrect in the Communication Wizard. Resolved.
1159 SMS Texts Clicking New Blank SMS Text on the Communication tab of an open session record does nothing. Resolved.
1161 Workflow Hub, Enterprise [Enterprise only] You may be prompted to select a studio when navigating to the Workflow hub while under "All Studios." Resolved.
1162 Messages Hub On the Messages hub, the Email Type combo box displays type IDs instead of type descriptions.
1177 Yearbook Composites Yearbook composites are not displaying the background correctly. Resolved.
1178 Yearbook Composites There is a memory leak when using the yearbook composites. Resolved.
1183 Security Settings in Users & Security related to the homepage may not be applied. Resolved.
1185 Workflow If an image has been cropped outside of Spectra, making a new preview in Spectra may cause problems. Resolved.
1186 Filters, SQL [SQL Server only] For international clients, "Date()" is not working when used in the filter syntax for the hubs. Resolved.
1187 Clients The Import Clients utility cannot import an XLS file that only has one sheet. Resolved.
1188 Invoices Invoice numbers longer than eight characters cause an error when processing credit cards. Resolved.
1189 Contact Sheet Printing a contact sheet may cause an error (Access databases only). Resolved.
1193 Organizations The ability to adding new organizations is not working (Access databases only). Resolved.
1195 Clients The Import Clients utility is not assigning the client number from the spreadsheet. Resolved.
1198 Organizations, Enterprise [Enterprise only] Organization maintenance should not be available to studios when controlled by the corporate office. Resolved.
1199 Workflow A preference is needed to auto create image folders when a session is saved. Resolved.
1203 Slideshow When an mp3 is added to the Slideshow page in Studio Preferences, Spectra does not update tblSlideShow (Access databases only). Resolved.
1204 Dashboard The Dashboard charts are not zero-based. Resolved.
1205 Dashboard The Average Sales By Session report on the Dashboard may display incorrect results. Resolved.
1206 Dashboard When opening the saved properties of a Dashboard report panel, the Apply Filter checkbox is not checked when it should be. Resolved.
1207 Sessions Printing a photographer confirmation may cause an error (Access databases only). Resolved.
1211 Enterprise [Enterprise only] Canceling a Studio Selector window causes an error. Resolved.
1215 Image Detail Sheet A client name containing an apostrophe may cause errors when generating the Image Detail sheet. Resolved.
1216 Form Letters Form letters print in portrait layout, but not landscape. Resolved.
1218 Sales Presentation When a composite is being ordered in the Sales Presentation, the drop zone name doesn't appear in the tool tip or the Image Detail sheet. Resolved.
1219 Sales Presentation The ability is needed to right-click on an image in the Sales Presentation and select Prepare Yearbook Image. Added.
1220 Invoices Deleting multiple lines on an invoice and then saving the invoice may cause an error. Resolved.
1237 Digital The ability to use a security override to change the Import Images settings is needed. Added.
1239 Triggers Saving a new status trigger would not auto-process for current records, causing that trigger to be processed for any existing records that meet the criteria. Resolved.
1241 Credit Cards Some users reported an error when running the credit card purge. Resolved.
1256 Database Connection Some users reported an error during very brief losses in network connectivity. Resolved.
1257 Form Letters/
HTML Emails
Invoice form letter and HTML email merge fields were not filling in properly. Resolved.


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