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Reference #: RN 2012v1r6
Author: Tech Support
Created: 07.30.12
Last Revised: 08.02.12

Release Notes: Spectra 2012 Volume 1 SR 6



Release Date: August 2, 2012


New or Enhanced Features

There are no new features included in this service release.


Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
800 Calendar Deleting the first instance of a recurring appointment may prevent new appointments from being created in that time slot. Resolved.
875 Messages The body of an email may be blank when the email contains certain characters. Resolved.
1191 Hubs [Enterprise only] Under All Studios, the shared search combo boxes (such as filters, statuses, and types) include a studio number prefix (i.e., "001 – Sessions This Week"). Resolved.
1378 Preferences The Tasks tab on the Preferences does not successfully save the task status. Resolved.
1406 Records A network refresh of client, session, or invoice notes can cause notes or other data to go missing. Resolved.
1409 Status Triggers Creating a session status trigger based on session date may not create trigger entries for existing records matching that criteria. Resolved.
1411 Sessions An Outside Location phone number may not be saved when saving a session record. Resolved.
1422 Preferences [Enterprise only] Modifications to the slideshow settings in Studio Preferences may not be saved. Resolved.
1428 DataSafe Uploading large data files to DataSafe may not be successful. Resolved.
1429 Dashboard Opening a new Dashboard report may cause an error. Resolved.
1436 Production Using a pound sign (#) in an image file name can cause an error when creating a production order. This issue may also affect image detail sheets and work orders. Resolved.
1437 Production A missing field in the database can cause errors related to vendors and image sizes. Resolved.
1438 OnLocation An error may result when checking out an OnLocation database. Resolved.
1454 Google Sync When a Google sync is performed, some clients have reported receiving a message containing "no Internet connection found" or "global time service not available.” A change has been made to use a secondary global time service when the primary service is unavailable.


Additional Information

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