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Reference #: RN IBY2012_0601
Author: JudyD
Created: 06.01.12
Last Revised: 06.01.12

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Release Date: June 1, 2012 has received a major upgrade in 2012! The site is now called, or InSpired for short. The entire look and feel of the site has been updated, giving the site a modern and polished look that looks great on traditional browsers as well as tablet devices like iPads®.


New or Enhanced Features

In addition to a new name and a new look and feel, the following features have been added or enhanced:

Enhancement Description
Album/Photobook Proofer - New!

InSpiredByYou now includes an online album/photobook proofer. Simply upload your album or photobook pages and let your client log in and view the album. The client can then “mark up” the album with comments and annotations. Those mark ups are then viewable by your album designer. You can make the necessary revisions, and upload a second revision to repeat the process.

+ More about uploading albums

Animoto™ Integration - New!

Animoto videos have become a powerful tool for the professional photographer. Now, you have the ability to embed an Animoto video into an account so the client can view the video at the same time they are viewing their images and albums.

+ More about Animoto integration

E-Sign Contracts - New!

For wedding and event photographers, you can now create an event contract right in StudioPlus Spectra and then upload the contract to InSpired for your client to review and electronically sign.

+ More about event contracts

Social Network Sharing - New!

InSpired now includes optional social networking integration with Facebook™, Twitter™, and LinkedIn™. Your clients can choose to share a link to their pictures with their family and fiends via their favorite social networking site. Guests are then directed to your site to view the images, giving you valuable – and FREE! – exposure to countless new prospects. Social network sharing is optional. Choose whether or not to offer this option to your clients on the Company tab in the InSpiredByYou Preferences in Spectra.

+ Watch the "Sharing Online Images" video
+ More about social network sharing

Prepaid Orders

You now have the ability to record an invoice as a prepaid order in StudioPlus Spectra. The order is then uploaded to InSpired. Your client can view the prepaid order and select which images they want to be printed for each prepaid product.

+ More about uploading a prepaid order

Multiple Shopping Carts

Your clients now have the ability to start a shopping cart, save it, and then start a second or third shopping cart. They can have as many pending shopping carts as they wish and finalize them whenever they want.

Multiple Promotions

You now have the ability to allow your clients to choose more than one promotional offer at a time. For example, take 5% off the order if placed within 10 days, and also receive a free set of wallets if the order is greater than $300.

+ More about setting up online promotions

Guest Options Enhanced

When your clients choose to invite guests to view their images, they now have the option to either share their entire set of images or just their favorites.

+ More about Inspired guest accounts

Thumbnail View - New!

A new thumbnail view has been created, giving your clients the ability to view many images at the same time. They can select multiple images to be marked as favorite, hidden, added to a group, or shared with their social network.

+ Watch the "Viewing Online Images" video

Custom Image Groups

Your clients now have the ability to create their own custom image groups, and then add or remove images from those custom groups.

Download Favorites

You now have the ability to download a client’s “Favorite” image selections to StudioPlus Spectra.

Download Guest Information

You now have the ability to download the names and email addresses of guest accounts that are created online to StudioPlus Spectra


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