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Reference #: FQ 00013
Author: StephL
Created: 11.29.11
Last Revised: 05.05.16

FAQ - Sales Tax Reporting


Q: Why is my sales tax report blank?

A: In order to generate your sales tax report, you have to "post" your invoices and then run the report based on the posting date.

General Instructions

  1. For Spectra users: Back up your database!

  2. Next, check your setup. On the top left part of the Invoicing tab in Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences, set your sales tax to calculate properly by choosing the Sales Tax Method that applies to your company. Also make sure your tax rate is set as the default and that it is the correct rate. Next, go to the Accounting tab to select your Accounting Method preference.

  3. Then go to Tools > Accounting > Post Invoices. The sales tax report will be run by the posting date.You'll be able to post all the invoice records you have already paid tax on in a separate posting which you can back date. You can then post for the current tax period and de-select anything created later than the tax period.

Remember, be sure to do a backup before you post! Also keep in mind that you can make the posting date any date you want and that the sales tax report prompts you for the posting date range, not the invoice date, payment date, or pay-in-full date range.

Additional Information

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