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Reference #: KB 00012
Author: JulieT
Created: 11.10.11
Last Revised: 11.22.11

Credit Card Processing Tips



Tips on processing credit card payments through Spectra.


Tip #1: When you receive an error that says something about AVS (Address Verification Service) when processing a credit card payment, verify the client's zip code in your Spectra data. Typically, the zip code is missing a leading zero, has an extra digit, or has a leading space. If you imported client information from an Excel spreadsheet, the leading zero(es) for some East Coast zip codes may have been dropped as Excel may have looked at it as a number.

Tip #2: If you have one client that wants to make a payment on two separate invoices for the same dollar amount (e.g., separate session for twins, each with the same session fee), Merchant Warehouse won't allow you to process the transaction unless you have contacted them to have your default security settings changed to allow duplicate transactions. Solution: Make one payment on one of the invoices for the total amount of both fees. Then click the blue Bill icon above the ribbon in the upper left corner and select Transfer Credit Balance to move the credit to the second invoice.



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+ Spectra User Guide - "Features of Invoices"