Custom Status Reports

Below are custom reports you can download and import into Spectra or myStratus Desktop. Simply click the Download option and save the report to your hard drive. Unzip the report. Then, in Spectra or myStratus Desktop, go to Reports > Custom Reports > Import Custom Report and select the desired report.

Session Status Report
The Session Status report helps you keep track of your sessions to make sure none of your jobs fall behind. It shows all of your current sessions by their status and due date.

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Client Status Reports
The Client Status report helps you track your clients and prospects as they move through their different statuses, making sure you don't fall behind on your client/prospect followup. It shows your clients and prospects by status and due date for any status that is due or past due.

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Production Status History Report
The Production Status History report shows you the history of your production order statuses and how long each status has taken to complete, compared to how long each status should take to complete.

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All Status Custom Reports
Use the first link below to get a single zip file with all the custom status reports listed on this page. Or, if you want to get one big zip file containing all the available custom reports ( sales, status, and list reports), choose the second link. See the other custom report pages for any additional information on the individual reports.

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* The SQL Version of StudioPlus Spectra is available as an upgrade. The customers that have already upgraded to SQL are the only ones that need this version of the report.