StudioPlus Newsletter — May 2008

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StudioPlus Newsletter - May 2008

StudioPlus Unveils

StudioPlus' online image hosting and ordering site,, is now available for all StudioPlus customers. This online service is fully-integrated with StudioPlus, gives you total control of your online workflow, and helps you sell more online. is the online extension of your studio.

Whether you already sell online and need a more streamlined system, or are looking to expand online, is the perfect solution.

If you sign up for our 30-Day Trial before May 31st, 2008, we'll waive the setup fee. That's a $295 Savings!

Click here to learn more.

New Credit Card Option

StudioPlus is excited to announce a new credit card processing option - Merchant Warehouse. It's now Easier to process credit cards and you'll Save $ on your credit card fees.

Merchant Warehouse will:

  • Guarantee the Lowest Overall Cost
  • Setup a Keyed and Swiped Account to Save Money
  • No Expensive Hardware
  • Fully Integrate Credit Card Processing with StudioPlus

Click here to read more.

Click here to pre-apply now.

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing can be a great way to quickly and effectively get your information out to your customers and prospects. If done correctly, email marketing can help you significantly improve your profitability. Here are some tips:

1. Get email addresses. It is, of course, impossible to email market without getting your clients’ and prospects’ email addresses. When a prospect contacts you, offer to email them your brochure, then mail them one too if you want to. When a customer books a sessions, ask for an email address to send them a reminder before their session.

Hint: Use StudioPlus’ Data Entry Validation feature to prompt your employees to enter an email address every time. Go to Maintenance – List Maintenance – Data Entry Validation.

2. Have a clear call-to-action. After receiving your email, what do you want your customers to do? Read more about an offer online? Call to reorder prints from their last session? Book a spring special? Make your call-to-action clear, direct, and don’t muddle up your message with lots of other links or information. Provide more details on your website or over the phone.

3. Regularly communicate via email. Get your customers used to receiving emails from you. Send our session reminder emails, order pickup emails, and order thank you emails so that you customers see your emails and open them. Then when you go to send out a marketing email, your customers will open and read them, rather than discard them.

Hint: Use StudioPlus’ Status Trigger feature to send out these automatic emails. Read more about Triggers.

4. Target your emails to create repeat customers. Email all your wedding clients in 1 year to shoot their anniversary. Email your senior clients’ families to shoot a family portrait before their “baby” goes off to college. Send out birthday emails. The key to targeting your emails is getting the data.

Hint: Use StudioPlus to book your weddings and seniors, record anniversary and birthdays, and then you’ll have the data you need. Watch this StudioPlus Marketing Database Overview for more ideas. Watch now

Discuss email marketing with other studios on our User Forum.

Get more tips here:

Click here for Email Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Click here for 8 Email Marketing Tips

New Lab Partner

StudioPlus welcomes a new Lab Partner - Full Color. As a StudioPlus Lab Partner, Full Color customers can integrate StudioPlus with their ROES Software.

  • Payment Plans
  • Employee Commissions
  • Yearbook CD
  • Group Capture
  • Meta Data Keyword Tagging

Version 2008 beta is now available. If interested, click here.

Click here to view ROES demo.

Click here for a complete list of StudioPlus lab partners.

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