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New StudioPlus 2010 Version

StudioPlus is now much more powerful - and even more user-friendly - than ever before! In Version 2010 a large emphasis was placed on enhancing the day-to-day user experience. Several of the most commonly used forms were completely rebuilt from the ground up, incorporating many requested enhancements. In addition, new digital imaging enhancements have been made, including the ability to render composites to layered PSD files, to incrementally rotate images, and more raw format file support.

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Merchant Warehouse
Merchant Warehouse is an industry leader in providing competitive, secure and innovative credit card processing solutions for merchants nationwide. Since 1998, Merchant Warehouse has helped tens of thousands of businesses securely process all forms of electronic payments. Even if you're not a current user of StudioPlus, let Merchant Warehouse provide credit card processing services for you.

Save Money
  • Competitive pricing with meet or beat guarantee
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Fast, free & easy account set-ups
  • Free payment gateway
  • Numerous best price payment processing options

Great Benefits

  • PCI Compliant certified payment processing solutions
  • 24/7 in-house support
  • Free & honest assessments of competitor offers
  • Extensive history & report management tools
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service & support

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StudioPlus Conducts PPA Webinar
StudioPlus will be pleased to host an hour long, live, webinar for PPA Studio Management Services. The webinar will be presented on Thursday, July 22nd at 2 PM Eastern Time by StudioPlus president Matthew Hunt. Mark your calendars.

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Have you seen an exciting new product called First of all, HMM's primary purpose is a client retention tool, to help keep your clients coming back to your studio. Secondly, HMM leverages the power of social networking and a studio-branded iPhone app to increase your brand awareness to potentially new clients. Thirdly, HMM provides you with a recurring revenue stream, while not costing you anything! Best of all, HMM can integrate with your StudioPlus.

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PCI Compliance - Credit Card Security
As a business that accepts customer credit card information, what is your responsibility to secure that credit card data?

This is a question that most small business owners do not know the answer to. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DDS) are required for all businesses, even yours. Steep fines can be assessed for non-compliance. At StudioPlus, we have invested heavily to assist all our clients become PCI Compliant. The current 2010 version of StudioPlus is fully PCI-Compliant. The next 2010 Volume 2 version will even go a step further to make PCI-Compliance easier for all StudioPlus users.

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ROES Integration
Softworks has recently made the announcement that they plan to turn off the integration between StudioPlus and ROES effective August 1st. On behalf of all our clients, we worked diligently to convince Softworks to continue the integration, but were unsuccessful. We are committed to delivering fully integrated solutions to our clients. Over the upcoming months we will be researching alternative solutions that will enable all StudioPlus clients to seamlessly send their StudioPlus orders to their lab. We'll keep you posted!

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New StudioPlus 2010 Version

Merchant Warehouse

StudioPlus Conducts PPA Webinar

PCI Compliance - Credit Card Security

ROES Integration




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